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Conditional Residence Through Marriage

Conditional Residency: Making Your Green Card Permanent Most green cards last a decade and can be renewed indefinitely. But if you and your spouse had been married less than two years at the time that you obtained permanent residency through marriage, it might come as a shock to you that your green card is only

Green Card Through Consular Processing

How To Get A Green Card Through Consular Processing Are you applying for a green card from outside the United States? You’ll be applying through consular processing — this just means your application will be handled at a local U.S. embassy or consulate. Who can Apply Through Consular Processing? Only those physically living in the

Green Card Through Marriage to a US Citizen

Becoming A Permanent Resident After Marrying A US Citizen   Congratulations on your big day! Here’s everything you need to know about changing your status through marriage. Assessing Your Eligibility For A Marriage Based Green Card: The process begins with establishing the existence of a valid marriage through the filing of Form I-130 (officially called the

Risk of being Unlawfully Present and Out of Status

Unlawful presence may be tolled by changing your status or filing for an extension of stay, before your authorized stay expires. Found in INA §212(a)(9)(B)(ii)